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Studio 218

Studio 218


Studio212 creates and produces DVD, Web Video for Teaching, Learning and Professional Development for Faculty at CSU. Our production facility can produce video important events including classroom instruction, online distance learning, professional conferences and professional publications.

We will gladly work with you on your project to develop, shoot and produce professional videos that enhance the College of Education Mission.

Contact us for more information regarding your ideas.

Instructions and Lab Use

The Technology Training Room is available by appointment. Any faculty waiting to use the video lab should contact Dr. Baltimore and schedule a session.

Video Training

Training for faculty on equipment is schedule by appointment. Typically, faculty can begin using the equipment with a one hour training session.

Video and Web Streaming

Faculty wishing to upload video to their website can do so in the lab once the video meets the file size requirements for streaming

Website Creation

If faculty wish to create a website for the COE web, contact Dr. Baltimore for information

Video “Best Practices”

For the best quality video, the lab offers digital video recording. A “blue” screen chromakey screen is available for use. Those recording lectures, etc. should not wear “medium blue” clothing. Other backdrops available, including “location” recording.

For further help, refer to this site's TRAINING HELP page.

The Technology Training Center uses the most efficient means to capturing your video for your purpose. It includes capture to tape and computer editing that uses several types of software to convert your video to the format needed. For example, you may choose Serious Magic's Visual Communicator Pro or Adobe Premiere to create a file for DVD.

Tips for Viewing Streaming Video

Remember: Video Players for computers change (update) regularly. Please update your player often.

A) Download the Free Windows Media Player for MAC and Windows:

To view streaming video you need to have Microsoft's Windows Media Player installed on your PC. Virtually all Windows PCs and most Macs have this already installed. If not, you can download it free from Microsoft. Right-click and select 'Save Target As...' or view the video in Windows Media 8 format.

B) 56K connection or less?

Right-click and select 'Save Target As...' on one of the following links and double-click to view it when it finishes downloading to your hard drive. Try these Serious Magic video talking about their software: Overview.wmv(14MB) Overview100.wmv (5MB)

C) 128 Kbps connections? Click here to view the 100 Kbps Serious Magic video.

D) Company or school network, T1, DSL or cable modem?

Should have no problem with Windows Media Player installed.

Download the latest Flash Player

Download the Free Windows Media Player for MAC and Windows

Movie Making for Educators

Teacher Educators and other Faculty in the College of Education at CSU are making DVD for training and professional development. See just how easy this process can be using Studio 212.