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Studio 218


A) Download the Free Windows Media Player for MAC and Windows:

To view streaming video you need to have Microsoft's Windows Media Player installed on your PC. Virtually all Windows PCs and most Macs have this already installed. If not, you can download it free from Microsoft. Right-click and select 'Save Target As...' or view the video in Windows Media 8 format.

B) 56K connection or less?

Right-click and select 'Save Target As...' on one of the following links and double-click to view it when it finishes downloading to your hard drive. Try these Serious Magic video talking about their software: Overview.wmv(14MB) Overview100.wmv (5MB)

C) 128 Kbps connections? Click here to view the 100 Kbps Serious Magic video.

D) Company or school network, T1, DSL or cable modem? Should have no problem with Windows Media Player installed.


Faculty can consider many uses for video in their instruction, including adding video lectures to any class. See the latest Studio 212 Highlight Reel. For example, using WEBCT Vista, faculty may wish to include multimedia lectures to websites, create CD-ROMs or DVDs for distribution to students, demonstrations or role plays for conference presentations, or for submission for publication to journals or publishing houses.

The new facility also has teleprompter capability which allows the "talent" to present material in a professional manner without referring to notes or with long pauses.

A Faculty member can decide, once a video is completed whether to convert it to a wide variety of formats for use as needed. Dr. Michael Baltimore will assist Faculty with this process.

Why use Series 9?

There is a significant improvement in video and audio streaming using the Media Player 9 Series. In fact, it's about a 30% increase in quality. It works on all windows OS's and is backward compatible for all your multimedia. However, the new Flash Player using Flash Video 8, is by far a great video player for streaming video.

"I have tried many players for computer streaming and this Media Player 9-10 is the best so far. I recommend it, I also recommend the new Flash Video for streaming. Large files that stream on slower internet connections.

Michael Baltimore